Changed about me on Blog and FB what do you think?

Your Value’s and Mutual Respect for others mean everything.

Always be Aware, Share, and Love Unconditionally Self Aware, Spiritual.
I am aware of Current Events and the Domino effect it has on every individual around the world.
Father, Husband, Love to read and write short stories. As a Family we love to fish. I play guitar, Harmonica and piano, all self Taught. I love all forms of music.
The Lord Jesus Christ walks with me and lives in my Heart, Mind & Soul. I love to learn and I mentor even though I have two boys, 15 &10 In May. I believe in having a core value system that promotes Mutual Respect, an Open Mind, Forgiveness, Patience, and Unconditional Love.
Lets not forget I love to play Golf and I am very competative.
Just Ask.


About todaysawareness

The site, “beawaretoday”, is a unique prospective, as if looking down from 30,000 feet at the world of Local, National, and Foreign Affairs. Most people go through each day only seeing what is immediately affecting them and most only have a vision for dealing with their issues of only about 5 to 7 days. With, “beawaretoday”, we look at what is happening around the World and what I call the Domino Effect, to project problems that are forthcoming so that people can plan ahead to deal with them vs. dealing the alternative. I created the blog, “beawaretoday” so that I could share a forum to discuss, Current, Domestic and Foreign Affairs that affect us all through the Domino effect. I encourage you to join the Discussions or at least enjoy reading the content. Thank you, Tom Campbell
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2 Responses to Changed about me on Blog and FB what do you think?

  1. Tanya says:

    Love it!!!! You have a lot to say 🙂 this is a great platform for all your thoughts that you turn into words… Its a beautiful thing!!

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