Economic Terrorism in America

 Traditionalism vs Extremism

What we have here today is a battle between Traditionalism and Extremism, Liberty and Socialism, the Wards of Freedom and the Wards of the Nanny State, the conservative values that founded this great nation and the progressive values that want to fundamentally destroy our founding values. While the freedom camp believes Big Government is the problem here, the entitlement camp believes more Big Government is the solution. Both camps cannot be right, and they obviously cannot coexist in a peaceful manner when their goals and objectives are poles apart in focus and principle.

Most liberals, progressives, and socialists cannot perceive things outside of their little boxes or argue reason and logic without viciously attacking anyone that dares to disagree with them on anything. Most conservatives, patriots, and constitutionalists cannot see how the other camp can live inside their little boxes while ignoring all facts and reality that prove more Big Government and entitlements are not the answer to our serious national problems.

The U.S. Government is BROKE! If we don’t reduce the size and spending of government, and restore constitutional sanity to ALL branches of government at EVERY level of society, WE WILL FACE ECONOMIC COLLAPSE. Do liberals, progressives, and socialists not understand this? Or is this forced government crisis part of their greater plans and objectives? Only time will tell, but mainstream America is tired of these folks squandering the American Dream, destroying our Constitution, and stealing our inalienable rights and freedoms.

Economic & Multicultural Terrorism


About todaysawareness

The site, “beawaretoday”, is a unique prospective, as if looking down from 30,000 feet at the world of Local, National, and Foreign Affairs. Most people go through each day only seeing what is immediately affecting them and most only have a vision for dealing with their issues of only about 5 to 7 days. With, “beawaretoday”, we look at what is happening around the World and what I call the Domino Effect, to project problems that are forthcoming so that people can plan ahead to deal with them vs. dealing the alternative. I created the blog, “beawaretoday” so that I could share a forum to discuss, Current, Domestic and Foreign Affairs that affect us all through the Domino effect. I encourage you to join the Discussions or at least enjoy reading the content. Thank you, Tom Campbell
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