Facebook etiquette! What a Facebook Friend means to me

Posted 3/14/10 by; Rhiannon Waits   Props, I changed it up to fit me.

Today’s world has advanced so rapidly that it has many rushing to keep up. The internet is an ever expanding, life altering technology that opened the doors to marketing, friendships & staying in touch with loved ones. It has lessened the load of the postal service because we now e-mail, Facebook or twitter to each other. The rapid growth, however, makes me wonder if many people have lost their manners in the process of keeping up with technology.

            Facebook has attempted to reduce spam and set forth processes to ensure that we are following proper etiquette to a ever growing population of it’s members. Although their safety measures are much needed, they cannot be the “end all” solution to our online community problems. We, ourselves, have to become responsible for our action and how we keep our Facebook community. We have to use the same interpersonal skills online as we do in everyday life.

            Respect is something many users disregard as they hide behind the anonymity of an internet connection. They forge forward with the omission of respect, courtesy and common regard in their mission to market their product or promote their careers.

            Making friends on the internet can be a wonderful, awesome and fantastic thing when done properly and with safety in mind. However, to rummage through someone’s friends list to add their name to enlarge your list or to use them to get closer to someone is unacceptable. That is blatantly using and abusing another person and if you realize this is being done to your friends list – then you need to speak up and object to it. If you put someone on your friends list, then try to be a friend. Remember what the word means and value it. Remember what it encompasses and attempt to meet up to the values that attaches to the relationship.

            Doing what I do as a career has afforded me many valuable friends and for this I feel blessed.  I am a huge fan of my family, friends and acquaintances and it truly is the only reasons that page was established. With over 500 friends between Facebook, Linked In, MSN, Twitter and MySpace I find it impossible to post something to each person daily and for that I do apologize. Nonetheless, I will attempt to keep others from harvesting you for their own selfish needs. Being a positive loving person doesn’t mean I will stand by and allow someone to harvest my friends as stepping stones to further their own agendas.

            I don’t just write gooey information that others can use to cloak their flaws or bad behaviors. My publications and platform is about good morals, integrity, compassion and life lessons. I refuse to drink the kool-aide many hand out in the form of self improvement. The rules are simple we just have to be reminded sometimes. We need to have our toes stepped on sometimes to see we’ve stepped over the line.

            I have written a few rules to Facebook Etiquette that I expect from people on my friends list. I am a loving person and I share them with good intention. If you would like these common courtesy’s from your friends list then PLEASE feel free to post a link or copy them to your wall. All I ask is you leave my name on it.

1)      Visiting a person’s wall is like stepping inside their home or office. Treat it with the same respect.

2)     Don’t litter it with mass applications instead leave a personal note because it will have more meaning.

3)     You can disagree with someone’s statements on their status or wall yet do so without animosity and use your manners. You don’t have to have the last word to be right or to emphasis your opinion.

4)     Realize that when you click the tab “home” that isn’t YOUR wall but instead it allows you a quick view into your friends profile page. If you answer a post on there you are technically posting on THEIR wall.

5)     Realize someone’s friend list is not your fool list. If you use it to add people for numbers, to become closer to someone else or to market your career you are THE wolf in sheep’s clothing that has snuck into their midst.

6)     If you see someone who you don’t know but would like to – ask your friend to offer a friend suggestion between the two of you. That is what Facebook had in mind when they created the button.

7)     Just because someone allowed you into their friends list doesn’t mean they want to see your private parts, desire to have a romantic relationship with you or agree with everything you say or do.

8)    Remember you can send a private message to a person without grandstanding on their personal wall. That is a better place to discuss or disagree with their postings rather than to attempt to malign their political, charitable or moral statements in public view. I endorse posting your beliefs on your wall and if others agree, well like in “The Field of Dreams” – build it and they will come. As I said before, use the “send Message” button to debate. I have learned so much from polite wise people who have debated with me.

9)     Don’t ask to be a friend and two minutes later post your advertisement or self promotion on that person’s wall. Shame on you to use someone that way!

10) Let someone’s personal sayings inspire you to write your own but don’t use someone else’s sayings as your own to inspire others. They have a name so use it when you repost otherwise it is plagiarism. That’s pretty easy to understand.

11)  Realize your status line is pretty public. Don’t use it for defamation. Once again, use your manners not your immaturity.

12) If you find you disagree with someone’s stance on life – delete them – don’t report them. Just because you get mad at someone isn’t a reason to abuse the report button. That button is for people to report threats, pornography, stalking, plagiarism, and serious violations of law/safety. It isn’t there to use because you don’t like someone or because they disagree with you. Facebook doesn’t have a revenge button yet.

I will add more as I go so if you want to keep reading you can come back. I personally am going to take a walk on the beach and have an awesome day. I hope you have a wonderful day.

To my family, friends, acquaintances and future friends: I am a positive, loving and inspirational person. Being positive doesn’t mean you can’t stand up for what you believe in – it means being positive you can be part of the change the world needs. I respect you and appreciate you and I will attempt to never let you down yet remember…. I am a human and as fallible as anyone. I not only make typo’s but speak fluent typonese. If I say something you don’t understand – then please message me. I won’t let your friendship be used.


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One Response to Facebook etiquette! What a Facebook Friend means to me

  1. colette cashier says:

    I love this post Thomas ! Great job, well said I also like the comment about the revenge button. .Thank you for sharing this with us Thomas.

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