President Obama’s Fantasy World / Reality


The Writing is on The Wall!

Bailouts, Potential Government Shutdown, QE1, QE2, Expanding Debt Limits…..

The Days of the U.S. Dollar….are Numbered!

We’re on the Brink of A Total Collapse, Resulting in Hyper-Inflation Overnight!

Look At All The Signs:


Everything is on the Rise…AGAINST the U.S. Dollar.

The Federal Reserve & Treasury Department are stuck between a Rock and A Hard Place.

If they Raise Interest rates… the economy goes into a Tail Spin.

If they Stop Borrowing and Issuing Debt….The Monetary(Ponzie-Scheme) System Fails.

BUT, If they continue Down the Same path…

The Collapse of the U.S. Dollar is Imminent.

How Bad is it??

The Obama Administration has increased Debt, more than All Past Presidents Combined.

Much like any Balance Sheet, it all comes down to: “Debt to Equity” Ratio.

The Obama Administration is Running out of time AND Options.

Things are going to get Worse, before they can get Any Better.

* China is now a Seller of U.S. Treasury Bonds, in Over The Counter markets (OTC).

* The U.S. Dollar is Now hitting New Lows, Against ALL Major currencies.

* Social Security is Now Bleeding Red,this is the First year since inception.

* The IMF is now calling for the Replacement of the U.S. Dollar, as the World Reserve Currency.

* The FED’s are Buying Back Unsold Bonds, at Every Treasury Bond Auction.

ALL the Signs of an Eminent Collapse are upon us.

Owning Tangible Gold and Silver, has Never Been More Crucial.

U.S. Dollar denominated Investments, are at Risk of Total Collapse.

Recent Data reveals Most Americans will outlive their Savings, Due to Rising Cost of Living….


Tangible Gold & Silver have a Proven Track Record, of Protecting and Preserving Wealth during Inflationary Economic Cycles.

Goldworth Financial encourages you to Educate Yourself, on what could be

“The Biggest Financial Catastrophe”America has ever seen.


How Bad is it getting?

The Federal Reserve Monetary Base (Money Supply) has increased 300% since August 2008.

The U.S. Banks Excess Reserves had a 49 year average of $.08 Billion Dollars,.. They are Now Holding approximately $1,455 Billion Dollars!

The Obama Administration has pledged to Release all of the above, in the Next Major Financial Debacle. ..Instant Inflation!

Don’t believe it’s possible?

*Food for thought: If Obama gave every American 1 Million Dollars…. Would we all be “Richer”?

The Answer is….No.

You would simply see more Dollars, chasing the same Amount of Goods… Instant Inflation.

Goldworth Financial encourages you to Position yourself Properly,…

Before the Next Economic Collapse.


About todaysawareness

The site, “beawaretoday”, is a unique prospective, as if looking down from 30,000 feet at the world of Local, National, and Foreign Affairs. Most people go through each day only seeing what is immediately affecting them and most only have a vision for dealing with their issues of only about 5 to 7 days. With, “beawaretoday”, we look at what is happening around the World and what I call the Domino Effect, to project problems that are forthcoming so that people can plan ahead to deal with them vs. dealing the alternative. I created the blog, “beawaretoday” so that I could share a forum to discuss, Current, Domestic and Foreign Affairs that affect us all through the Domino effect. I encourage you to join the Discussions or at least enjoy reading the content. Thank you, Tom Campbell
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