California Bankrupt & Spending, Spending & Taxing, Taxing

Today, the state of California received a $120 Million dollar settlement from an energy provider from a decade ago that drove Gray Davis out of office.
Jerry Brown today signed an Executive Order to spend this money on a series of plug in electric stations across the state for zero emission cars and mandated that California have 1.5 Million of these Zero Emission Electric Cars by 2025.
The State …of California is 250 Billion in Debt!!! Mr. Brown has a measure going on the ballot that increases taxes by 250 Billion this November, He also has a Measure going on the Ballot for another 40 Billion to further fund K-12 Education. He is also putting prop 13 on the Ballot where he will split residential and commercial properties apart and commercial properties will become subject to higher property taxes.
The Prop 13 initiative will drive up the cost of residential rent, and also the cost to all businesses causing businesses to close layoff people and lower the amount of taxes the state can actually generate. These businesses will move to tax friendly states and so will the people.
Meanwhile the city of Vallejo has already filed Bankruptcy last year 2011, the city of Stockton and San Jose have just defaulted on their short term bond commitments and are now being sued by Wells Fargo and these cities are preparing to file for Bankruptcy.
Los Angeles, Menlo Park, Bakersfield & San Diego are on the short list regarding their creditors and are expected to follow suite with Stockton and default on their bonds, followed by bankruptcy.
Sacramento has been stealing from the general fund from every City in this state for decades so they can spend more money and produce less. Jerry Brown created this situation during his first term as Governor when he sided with Unions and granted Public Employee Bargaining Rights to all union members that work for the cities or the State of California.
Now the State and the Cities are burdened by the overwhelming debt and obligations to Retiree’s that it has no other place to go but to the Citizens, the Working Class and Tax them, Tax them, Tax Them.LikeUnlike · ·
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