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Doctors Need a Permanent Fix to Medicare Payment Problem

Budging the Budgets Posted on May 12, 2011 by Michael Weiss| 11 Comments   In the battles over the federal budget (and in many state budgets as well), we often hear that we don’t have a revenue problem, but rather have … Continue reading

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The Coming Obamacare Train Wreck

The four co-authors of Why Obamacare is Wrong for America recently addressed The Bloggers Briefing at The Heritage Foundation. Grace-Marie Turner provided the Foundry exclusive highlights from her remarks. Obamacare may be fading from the headlines, but the health law … Continue reading

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Pawlenty’s Health-Care Claims During Debate Get Mixed Ratings

    Image via Wikipedia Pawlenty Right On Obama’s Health Care Record During the first Republican presidential debate of the 2012 campaign, former Gov. Tim Pawlenty reminded viewers that President Barack Obama was against a requirement that everyone buy health … Continue reading

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